We have a long standing relationship with Design Knit, who is a family owned knitting mill specializing in designing and manufacturing knit fabrics for contemporary, athleisure, sportswear and loungewear markets. Each of their styles is developed with a focus on innovation and high quality. They pride themselves in working closely with their customer base. Building relationships is at the core of their brand.

In our interview, Pat gives us a tour of their beautiful new fabric showroom and walks us through the different types of fabrics they produce and three different types of programs they have to be able to cater to any business just starting out or established.

If you’re looking for top tier knit fabrics, make sure to check out Design Knit. Even if you’re not located in Los Angeles, they are ready to help bring your beautiful designs to life.

Pat gave us so much AMAZING information, we had to split it in two parts. Stay tuned for part two.

Design Knit
1636 Staunton Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90021
(213) 742-1234

Watch the whole interview with Design Knit below or on Youtube.