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Our Founder’s Story

The Modern Directory was formed between business partners, Jarret Levin and Theresa Metzler, to solve the problems they had within their own jobs.

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Meet the Founders Part 1: Jarret Levin

Introducing Jarret Levin, Co-Founder of The Modern Directory, a superstar designer, product development genius, and an all-around unicorn when it comes to fashion.

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Meet the Founders Part 2: Theresa Metzler

Introducing Theresa Metzler, Co-Founder of The Modern Directory, a spectacular sourcer, prolific production expert and a maven at all things custom. She makes the impossible possible.

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5 Ways to Market Your Fashion Business

With clever marketing strategies, you can stand out from the crowd and connect with your target audience.

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Fall/Winter 2022 Fashion Trends

Refreshingly unique, utterly chic, and drenched in vivid colors that excite and delight; the top Fall/Winter 2022 trends are certainly far from quiet.

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